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PHYS SEMINAR:Memory in Quantum Dynamics: Meaning and Implications

Guest: Göktuğ Karpat

Title: Memory in Quantum Dynamics: Meaning and Implications

Date/TimeMay 16, 2024 10:40 

Location: FENS L056

Abstract: Quantum information and open quantum systems theories provide the fundamental framework to enable the establishment and advancement of quantum technologies. On one hand, quantum information science deals with manipulation and transmission of information according to the principles of quantum theory, leading to significant advantages in various applications regarding communication, computation, metrology and cryptography. On the other hand, open quantum systems theory supplies the necessary means for practical realization of quantum technologies based on quantum information in realistic settings. Central to the theory of open quantum systems, describing the behavior of quantum systems that cannot be completely isolated from their environments in real-world conditions, is the notion of dynamical memory effects, defining quantum non-Markovianity. The quest to establish a unique and universal definition of non-Markovianity in the quantum domain has proven elusive. In fact, quantum non-Markovianity has been shown to be a multi-faceted phenomenon and a precious resource, whose different aspects can be characterized through distinct techniques. In this talk, we will first elucidate what we talk about when talk about quantum non-Markovianity. Then, we will elaborate on the implications of memory effects in various relevant subjects, ranging from the fundamentals of quantum theory to the applications of quantum information theory, such as quantum synchronization and quantum processes with indefinite time direction or casual order.


Bio: Göktuğ Karpat received his Ph.D. degree in Physics from Sabancı University in 2013. He worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Sao Paulo State University (UNESP) in Brazil for three years and at Turku University in Finland for another year between 2013 and 2017. Since then, he has been a faculty member at the Department of Physics in Izmir University of Economics. His main research interests lie in the fields of open quantum systems theory and quantum information theory. He was one of the recipients of Dr. Gürsel Sönmez Research Award of Sabancı University in 2013 for his thesis work. He then received the Outstanding Young Scientist Award (GEBİP) of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) in 2018, the Young Scientist Award (BAGEP) of the Science Academy (BA) and Prof. Dr. Şevket Erk Young Scientist Award of the Turkish Physical Society (TFD) in 2019. He was also granted the Parlar Research Incentive Award from the METU Parlar Foundation and the 100th Anniversary Incentive Award by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK) in 2023.


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