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Merve Senem Seven
Mühendislik ve Doğa Bilimleri Fakültesi
Doktora Sonrası Araştırmacı

Doktora Sonrası Araştırmacı

  • ·    EBS. Ozbulut, S. Seven, K. Bilge, T. Akkas, CE. Tas, B. Yildiz, C. Atilgan, YZ. Menceloglu, S. Unal. Blends of highly branched and linear poly(arylene ether sulfone)s: Multiscale effect of the degree of branching on the morphology and mechanical properties, Polymer, 2020, 188, 122114.

    ·    O Oguz, N. Candau, M.K. Citak, F.N. Cetin, S.M. Avaz Seven, Y.Z. Menceloglu, A Sustainable Approach to Produce Stiff, Super–tough and Heat–resistant Poly (lactic acid) based Green Materials, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2019, 7,8, 787869-7877.

    ·    S.M. Avaz Seven, O.F. Tastan, C.E. Tas, H. Unal, I.A. Ince, Y.Z. Menceloglu, Insecticide-Releasing LLDPE Films as Greenhouse Cover Materials, Materials Today Communications, 2019, 19, 170-176.

    ·    S.M. Avaz Seven, O. Oguz, Y.Z. Menceloglu, C. Atilgan, Tuning interaction parameters of thermoplastic polyurethanes in a binary solvent to achieve precise control over micro-phase separation, ACS Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, Women in Computational Chemistry Special Issue, 2019, 59, 5, 1946-1956.

    ·    S.M. Avaz, R. B. Roy, V. R. S. S. Mokkapati, A. Bozkurt, Y. Z. Menceloglu, Graphene Based Nanosensor for Aqueous Phase Detection of Nitroaromatics, RSC Advances, 2017, 7, 25519–25527.

    ·    S.M. Avaz, O. Oguz, H. Kurt, Y. Z. Menceloglu, C. Atilgan, Soft Segment Length Controls Morphology Of Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Based Segmented Poly(Urethane-Urea) Copolymers In A Binary Solvent, Computational Materials Science, 2017, 138, 58–69.

    ·    Book Chapter: A. Zakharyuta, C. Şen, S.M. Avaz, T. Akkaş, S. Pürçüklü, T. Baytekin Birkan, T. Gönül, Laboratory Safety Handbook, Sabanci University, 2016

    ·    Selected Conference Paper:S.M. Avaz, A. Taralp, Water Soluble Chitosan Derivatives via the Freeze Concentration Technique, International Journal of Chemical, Molecular, Nuclear, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering,2015, 9-2


    ·    Senem A. Seven, Invited Speaker at Science & Technology Startups Panel, Women Leaders in Clean Energy, Science and Technology Conference, 2019, Istanbul

    ·    Senem A. Seven, Invited Speaker, Unraveling the Key Mechanism Behind Micro-Phase Separation / Mixing in Thermoplastic Polyurethanes, 22. Sıvı Hal Sempozyumu, Piri Reis University, 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

    ·    Senem A. Seven*, Oguzhan Oguz, Yusuf Ziya Menceloglu, and Canan Atilgan, Computational Approach for a Precise Control Over Micrp-Phase Separation/Mixing of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes, 35th International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society, 2019, Izmir.

    ·    S.M. Avaz Seven, R. B. Roy, V. R. S. S. Mokkapati, A. Bozkurt, Santosh Pandit, Ivan Mijakovic and Y. Z. Menceloglu, Design, development and fabrication of chemical nanosensors for aqueous phase detection of environmental water and soil pollutants, 28th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors, 2018, Miami, FL, USA

    ·    S.M. Avaz, A. Taralp, Water Soluble Chitosan Derivatives via the Freeze Concentration Technique, ICP 2015: International Conference on Polymer, 2015, Paris, France

    ·    S.M. Avaz, A. Taralp, Novel Synthesis Method for Chemical Modification Of Chitosan Derivatives with Enhanced Physical Properties, 247th American Chemical Society Meeting, 2014, Dallas, USA

    ·    S.M. Avaz, A. Taralp, Chitosan Nanoparticles by Freeze Concentration Effect, 1st International Symposium on Nanoparticles/Nanomaterials and Applications, 2014, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

    ·    S.M. Avaz, A. Taralp, Freeze-Concentration-Based Approaches to Prepare Novel Biomaterials, IUPAC International Conference, 2013, Istanbul

    ·    S.M. Avaz, V. Adar, Evaluation of Accuracy of Docking Results for Thrombin Inhibitors with Docking Program FlexX, Drug Research & Development Conference, 2009

    ·    S.M. Avaz, V. Adar, Synthesis of Beta Lactam Antibiotics by Staudinger Ketene-Imine Cycloaddition, Drug Research & Development Conference, 2009, Ankara


    ·    Y. Z. Menceloglu, S.M. Avaz Seven, Greenhouse Cover Loaded With Pesticide Providing Controlled Release, 2018 (Submitted application, PCT/TR2019/050307)

    ·    Y. Menceloglu, O. Rodop, S.M. Seven, Y.Z. Menceloglu. “Polimer Matrisli Süper Emici Bir Malzeme”, 2020 (Submitted application, TR2020/02652)