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Hazard Assessment

With a specific end goal to evaluate the requirement for PPE the accompanying steps ought to be taken:


In the area being referred to identify sources of dangers, conduct a walk-through survey.
Categories for consideration:

  • Impact
  • Penetration
  • Compression (roll-over)
  • Chemical
  • Heat
  • Harmful dust
  • Light (optical) radiation
  • Drowning
  • Falling 

During the walk-through survey LSS, the Responsible Faculty Member and the university health and safety specialist should observe:

  • Sources of motion; for instance, machinery or procedures where any development of instruments, machine components or particles could exist, or development of work force that could bring about impact with stationary articles
  • Sources of high temperatures that could result in burns, eye injury or ignition of protective equipment
  • Types of chemical exposures
  • Sources of harmful dust
  • Sources of light radiation, for instance, welding, brazing, cutting, heat treating, furnaces, and high intensity lights
  • Sources of falling objects or potential for dropping objects
  • Sources of sharp objects which might pierce or cut the hands
  • Sources of rolling or pinching objects which could crush the feet
  • Layout of work place and location of co-workers
  • Any electrical hazards
  • Review injury/accident data to help identify problem areas

Arrange information. Completing the walk-through survey, it is important to sort out the information and other data acquired. That material gives the premise to peril evaluation that empowers the lab user to choose the proper PPE.

Examine information. Having assembled and composed information with respect to a specific occupation, lab specialist need to assess the potential for wounds. Each of the distinguished hazards ought to be looked into and delegated to its sort, the level of danger, and the reality of any potential injury. Where it is predictable that a representative could be presented to a few perils at the same time, the outcomes of such exposure should be considered.