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Safety Related Committees

Sabancı University Occupational Health and Safety Commitee

Sabancı University is responsible under the Occupational Health and Safety Act for establishing and maintaining Occupational Health and Safety Commitee. Commitee meets quarterly.

Commitee consists of;

  • Employer's Representative(Council Head): Rasim Karas
  • Workplace Physician: Zehra Kalkan
  • Work Safety Specialist(Council Secretary): Çiğdem Aksu
  • Work Safety Specialist: Emre Can Sürmelioğlu
  • Human Resources Director: İdil Şeker
  • Civil Defence Specialist: Kemal Egemen
  • Employee Representative: Ceyhun Fındık
  • Employee Representative: Tuğba Birkan
  • Employee Representative: Kemal Şimşek