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CS 58009 Special Topics in CS:"Lattice-Based Cryptography...

CS 58009 Special Topics in CS: "Lattice-Based Cryptography and Homomorphic Encryption Schemes"

Course Summary

Mathematical Background, Partial Homomorphic Encryption Schemes (Paillier and Damgard-Jurik Encryption Schemes) Lattice-Based Cryptography, Ring-LWE problem, the LLL Algorithm, Homomorphic Encryption Schemes (BGV, BFV, CKKS). Bootstrapping, Scheme Switching, Multi-key Homomorphic Encryption. Applications of Homomorphic Encryption on Machine Learning, Acceleration of NTT Algorithm for Homomorphic Encryption

Every Friday 11:40(Turkey Time)

14 week Online Graduate course

Starting Date: March 3rd

Ending Date: May 26th

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