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Our Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Our mission is to prepare students not only to develop competencies in their fields of study, but also to grow into self-confident individuals, who can think critically and independently; who can contribute to progress in science and technology; and who can disseminate the acquired knowledge and skills for the benefit of society. With our accomplished faculty members and our innovative and progressive approach to education; we provide students with a unique university experience, whereby the theory are balanced with projects and applied studies. Our faculty organization has no departments to facilitate inter-disciplinary approach in research and education. Our students can freely select their major/minor programs and form a flexible curriculum to develop in-depth knowledge in a field of study.

Our students can pursue their choice of interest, and not only learn about most recent technological and scientific developments, but also contribute to the progress therein by participating in research projects. They can also get the opportunity of working in real-world problems proposed by our industry partners. Projects with industry focus and internship projects help students acquire/reinforce industry experience and develop/extend professional connections. Our laboratory infrastructure equipped with high-tech equipments and software base offers unique opportunities in education and research.

Our faculty members are working in research projects in collaboration with national and international partners. They are also collaborating with our industry partners in various projects. Our graduate students get the opportunity in participating in both kinds of projects. They are publishing in high-impact journals and presenting at prestigious conferences and workshops. 

As a vision statement; we aspire to be amongst the foremost of the internationally recognized, pioneering colleges of engineering and natural sciences, pursuing excellence in research and setting an exemplary model for students, academics, and researchers both in research and the teaching science and technology.

I invite you to visit our website to learn more about education at Sabancı University, our undergraduate and graduate programs, our faculty members and their research areas, our research infrastructure, centers of excellence, and research and application centers.

Prof. Erkay Savaş, Dean


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