Graduate Application

2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Term Graduate Application

In Sabancı University, application requirements for graduate programs are determined by the Faculties, based on the program characteristics. After the applicants who provided the minimum requirements delivered the required documents to our university, applicants may be called to written exam and/or oral interview. The jury will assess the results of the written exams and/or oral interviews and the result will be sent to the applicant. The following deadlines are in effect for the 2020-2021 Fall Semester and pertain to both domestic and international applicants.

Please be aware that international students would benefit from submitting a Computer Science subject exam score, such as the GRE subject, or GAT or GATE tests, to support their application. Alternatively, those who can be present at the interviews can take the exam held at Sabancı University during the first day of the interviews (exam covers basic/fundamental data structure and algorithms topics).

ONLINE Application

2020-2021 Fall Semester Application Deadline May 8th, 2020:
Please read the information on Graduate requirements and information required to Complete the application.

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