Laboratory Safety

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS) at Sabancı University (SU), a place where Laboratory Health and Safety is one of the highest priorities.

Our primary objective is to provide a safe working environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. It is very important for all laboratory users to follow the policies and guidelines provided with this “SU FENS Laboratory Safety Handbook” to ensure their own safety and the safety of the people they work with.

General Laboratory Safety Waste Management Emergency Management Accident & Near Miss Safety Related Committees TrainingLessons Learned

Bilge Yerdelen FENS Laboratory Safety Specialist
Mustafa Atilla Yazıcı BIO Lab Specialist
Selvin Selvi BIO Lab Specialist
Osman Rahmi Fıçıcı CS Lab Specialist
Ali Kasal EE Lab Specialist
Sercan Tanyeli EE Lab Specialist
Ertuğrul Sadıkoğlu MachineShop Lab Officer
Süleyman Tutkun Machine Shop Lab Specialist
Burçin Yıldız MAT Lab Specialist
Nursel Karakaya MAT Lab Specialist
Sibel Pürçüklü FENS Building and Laboratory Specialist
Yavuz Toksöz ME Lab Specialist
İlker Sevgen ME Lab Specialist
FENS Emergency Phones