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  • Article
    Birkan, Burak and Özgüz, Volkan Hüsnü (2014) "Implementing multidisciplinary research center infrastructure - A trendsetting example: SUNUM", Journal of the IEST, Vol.57, No.1, 35-46 (NA)
    Özçelik, Serdar and Demir, Mustafa Muammer and Birkan, Burak (2004) "Probing nanoscale domains of J-aggregates deposited on a mica surface", Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.108, No.15, 4679-4683 (SCI)
  • Papers in Conference Proceedings
    Birkan, Burak, "Implementing multidisciplinary research center infrastructure", 59th Annual Technical Meeting of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (ESTECH 2013): Connect, Learn, Grow, Recharge, San Diego, California: Curran Associates, Inc, October 2013, 828-841
    Birkan, Burak and Heves, Emre and Köroğlu, Bülent and Fındık, Ceyhun and Sarısu, Hikmet and Düzgören, Hasan Erol and Özgüz, Volkan Hüsnü, "Sabanci University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center: an experience in building a multi-disciplinary research facility overseas", 19th Biennial University/Government/Industry, Micro/Nano Symposium (UGIM 2012), USA: IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), July 2012, 1-2
  • Before SU Publications

    1.Birkan B, Menceloglu YZ, Gulgun M.A; Carbon Nanofibers Containing Catalyst Nanoparticles; European Patent Office; Application No./Patent No: 06404002.5-2109

     2.Erdoğan T, Unveren E, Inan T.Y, Birkan B; Well-Defined Block Copolymer Ionomers and their Blend Membranes for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell; JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE; Volume: 344   Issue: 1-2   Pages: 172-181

    3.Birkan B, Gulen D, Ozcelik S; Controlled formation of the two-dimensional TTBC J-aggregates in an aqueous solution ; JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY; 110 (22): 10805-10813, 2006

    4.Bas S, Sakintuna B, Birkan B, et al.; Lyophilization-induced structural changes in solvent-swollen and Sc-CO2 treated low-rank Turkish coals and characterization of their extracts; ENERGY & FUELS; 19 (3): 1056-1064,2005

    5.Bas S, Sakintuna B, Birkan B, et al.; Investigation of the structural changes in freeze-dried low-rank Turkish coals and in their supercritical extracts ; ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY; 228: U669-U669 101-FUEL Part 1,2004

    6.Ozcelik S, Demir MM, Birkan B; Probing nanoscale domains of J-aggregates deposited on a mica surface; JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B; 108 (15): 4679-4683, 2004