MAT öğrencileri yaz stajlarını anlatıyor.
Sabancı Üniversitesi Malzeme Bilimi ve Nano Mühendislik Programı lisans öğrencileri, 2017 yazında neler yaptıklarını anlatıyorlar.
Congratulations to ME PhD student, Ebru Demir
Congratulations to Ebru Demir, who is an PhD in ME student, for the nomination of her paper for the Best Student Paper Award in the upcoming International Conference on Manipulation Automation and Robotics at Small Scales, MARSS2018, in Nagoya, Japan, July 4-8, 2018.
Success of Dr. Zeynep Temel (ME PhD,2013)
We congratulate our former graduate on her new position as an Assistant Professor in the Robotics Institute at the Carnegie Mellon University.
VERİM Seminar: Google Colab Tutorial
VERİM Seminar by Dr. İnanç Arın "Google Colab Tutorial"
Success of Volkan Patoğlu
Volkan Patoglu has received the Meritorious Service Award as an Associate Editor Award for IEEE Transactions on Haptics
Announcing our 2018 Three Minute Thesis Competition Winners!
Congrats to all our winners and the wonderful presentations of all applicants
The Success of old M.S. Mechatronics Engineering Student
The Success of old M.S. Mechatronics Engineering Student Mostafa Shojaeian in Research
The Success of Güvenç Şahin
Güvenç Şahin has received the Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers.
International Summer University for Intercultural Leadership
International Summer University for Intercultural Leadership, an annual program under the patronage UNESCO launched by the Paris-based international NGO, the Aladdin Project, with the participation of 35 prestigious universities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and America which, this year, will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, from July 8 to July 21 2018.
Course Overloading for FENS Students
Attention to Senior FENS Students: Deadline for course overloading request is June 8, 2018.
The Success of Abdolali Khalili Sadaghiani in Research
The journal article of title "Numerical investigations on the effect of fin shape and surface roughness on hydrothermal characteristics of slip flows in microchannels with pin fins" of Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Mechatronics Ph.D. student Abdolali Khalili Sadaghiani, which was co-authored by Ali Koşar, was recently published in International Journal of Thermal Sciences, one of the best thermal-fluid science journals.
YÖK Üstün Başarı Ödülleri
YÖK Üstün Başarı Ödülleri 2018 yılı başvuruları başladı
FENS has a new twitter account
It is our pleasure to announce that FENS now has a brand new Twitter account of its own!
The Success of Morteza Ghorbani in Research
The journal article of title "Biomedical device prototype based on small scale hydrodynamic cavitation" Morteza Ghorbani, which was co-authored by Canberk Sözer, Gökhan Alcan, Mustafa Ünel, Sinan Ekici, Hüseyin Üvet and Ali Koşar, was recently published in AIP Advances, one of the AIP (American Institute of Physics) journals
Araştırma Görevlisi Ön Değerlendirme Sonucu
Moleküler Biyoloji, Genetik ve Biyomühendislik