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Burç Mısırlıoğlu Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty Member (216) 483 9562 burcmisirlioglusabanciunivedu

Faculty Member


Ph.D.: University of Connecticut B.Sc. and M.Sc.: İstanbul Technical University

Areas of Interest

Our research is centered around understanding the effects of defects and microstructure on the physical properties of functional oxides. Using continuum level computational and experimental approaches, we try to reveal the mechanisms by which defects and interfaces impact the physical properties and at what magnitude this occurs. Such knowledge is the key to design and fabricate structures in various geometries for specific engineering applications. The applications governed by such phenomena encompass macro- and micro-scale capacitors for electric energy storage, non-volatile solid state memories, nanoscale devices, electrothermal materials and electrooptical thin films.


Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Book Section / Chapter
Publications Prior to SU
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  2. A. P. Levanyuk, M. B. Okatan and I. B. Misirlioglu, “Landau, Ginzburg, Devonshire and others”, invited paper for 50th Anniversary of Ferroelectrics 569, 1, 310-323 (2020).
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