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Turgay BayraktarFaculty of Engineering and Natural SciencesFaculty Member(216) 483

Faculty Member


B. Sc.  Middle East Technical University (2002)

M. Sc. Middle East Technical University (2005)
Ph.D.   Indiana University (2012)

Areas of Interest

Several Complex Variables, Holomorphic Dynamics and Complex Geometry

Publications Prior to SU
  • Bayraktar, T., 2016, Equidistribution of zeros of random holomorphic sections, Indiana University Mathematics Journal, 65, no. 5, 1759-1793.
  • Bayraktar, T., 2015, Ergodic properties of random holomorphic endomorphisms of P^k, International Mathematics Research Notices IMRN, no. 4, 927-959.
  • Bayraktar, T. and Cantat S., 2013, Constraints on automorphism groups of higher dimensional manifolds, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 405, no. 1, 209-213.
  • Bayraktar, T., 2013, Equidistribution toward the Green current in big cohomology classes, International Journal of Mathematics, no. 10, 1350080, 25 pp.
  • Bayraktar, T., 2013, Green currents for meromorphic maps of compact Kaehler manifolds, Journal of  Geometric Analysis, 23, no. 2, 970-998.