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İsmail Çakmak Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty Member (216) 483 9524 ismailcakmaksabanciunivedu

Faculty Member


B.Sc in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Çukurova University, 1981; Ph.D. in Plant Nutritional Physiology, Stuttgart-Hohenheim University (Germany), 1988.

Areas of Interest

- Micronutrient deficiencies plants - Oxygen free radicals and antioxidants in stressed plants - Heavy metal uptake, transport and accumulation in plants - Physiological characterization of plants suffering from abiotic stress factors -human Nutritional Aspects of Plant Nutrition


Member of the Selection Committee for Georg Forster Research Awards and Fellowships, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation-Germany

Book Section / Chapter
Publications Prior to SU

BOOK CHAPTERS 1) Brown, P.B. Cakmak, I and Zhang, Q. (1993): Form and function of zinc in plants. In: Zinc in Soils and Plants. Ed. A.D. Robson, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands. pp. 93-106. 2) Cakmak, I. and Römheld, V. (1997): Boron-deficiency induced impairments of cellular functions in plants. In: Boron in Soils and Plants: Reviews. Eds. B. Dell, P.H. Brown and R.W. Bell. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands. pp. 71-83 3) Schlegel, R. and Cakmak, I. (1998): Micronutritional efficiency in crop plants- A New Challenge for Cytogenetic Research. In: Current Topics in Plant Cytogenetics Related to Plant Improvement. Ed. T. Leyley. WUV-Verlag, Tulln, pp. 91-101. 4) Cakmak, I and Engels, C. (1999): Role of mineral nutrients in photosynthesis and yield formation. In: Crop Nutrition: Ed. Z. Rengel. The Haworth Press, New York pp. 141-168. 6) Cakmak, I. (2001). Screening wheat genotypes for zinc efficiency. In: Perspectives on the Micronutrient Nutrition of Crops. Eds: K. Singh, S. Mori, R.M. Welch, Scientific Publisher, Jodhpur. pp.179-203. 7) Cakmak, I., Graham, R. and Welch R. M. (2002): Agricultural and Molecular Genetic Approaches To Improving Nutrition and Preventing Mic


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