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Hasan Sait ÖlmezFaculty of Engineering and Natural SciencesFaculty Member(216) 483 9578saitolmezsabanciunivedu

Faculty Member


B.Sc. Istanbul Technical University, 1983 M.S.E. University of Michigan (USA), 1985 Ph.D. MIT (USA), 1991

Areas of Interest

Theoretical and numerical hydrodynamics, Experimental hydrodynamics Numerical techniques in nonlinear wave mechanics, Remote sensing of water waves Wave-turbulence interaction, Surfactant effects on wave dissipation Data networking and security, E-commerce applications Hydrodynamic aspects of yacht design, Hull design in high-speed boats


The Society of Naval Arcitects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) The Chamber of Turkish Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Working Paper / Technical Report
Publications Prior to SU
  • H. Sait Ölmez and Jerome H. Milgram, "Nonlinear energy transfer to short gravity waves in the presence of longer waves", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol.289, p.199, April 1995
  • H. Sait Ölmez and Jerome H. Milgram, "Numerical methods for nonlinear interactions between waves", Journal of Computational Physics, Vol.188, Number 1, p.62, 1995
  • H. Sait Ölmez and Jerome H. Milgram, "An experimental study of attenuation of short water waves by turbulence", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol.239, pp.133-156, June 1992