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Zafer GedikFaculty of Engineering and Natural SciencesFaculty Member(216) 483 9610zafergediksabanciunivedu

Faculty Member


Bilkent University, Department of Physics (M.S., 1989; Ph.D., 1992) Middle East Technical University (METU), Physics Department (B.S., 1987) Ankara Fen Lisesi (1984)

Areas of Interest

Theory of quantum information and quantum computation, fundamentals of quantum mechanics.


Turkish Physical Society

Publications Prior to SU

M. Bayindir and Z. Gedik, Suppression of superconductivity in high – Tc cuprates due to nonmagnetic impurities: Implications for the order parameter symmetry, The European Physical Journal B 10, 287 (1999) Z. Gedik and M. Bayindir, Disorder and localization in the lowest Landau level in the presence of dilute point scatteres, Solid State Communications 112, 157 (1999) H. Boyaci, Z. Gedik, and I.O. Kulik, Superconductivity in mesoscopic metal particles, Journal of Superconductivity 14, 133(2001) I.O. Kulik, H. Boyaci, and Z. Gedik, Parity effect in mesoscopic and nanoscopic superconducting particles, Physica C 352, 46 (2001) Ö. Bozat and Z. Gedik, Temperature and magnetic field dependence of superconductivity in nanoscopic metallic grains, Solid State Communications 120, 487 (2001) V.M.K. Bagci, O. Gülseren, T. Yildirim, Z. Gedik and S. Ciraci, Metal nanoring and tube formation on carbon nanotubes, Physical Review B 66, 045409 (2002) Z. Gedik, Quantum entanglement and order parameter in a paired finite Fermi system, Solid State Communications 124, 473 (2002)