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Kemal KılıçFaculty of Engineering and Natural SciencesFaculty Member(216) 483 9596kemalkilicsabanciunivedu

Faculty Member


? Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, ONT, (2002) Thesis title: ?Fuzzy System Modeling of Psychopharmacological Drugs? Supervisor: Prof. I. Burhan Turksen ? M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, Ankara, TURKEY, (1997) Thesis title: ?Generating Short Term Observation Schedules for Space Mission Projects? Supervisor: Prof. Selim Akturk ? B.Sc. in Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Bogazici University, Istanbul, TURKEY, (1995)

Areas of Interest

Research Interests • Decision Making Under Uncertainty • Heuristic Search and Optimization Techniques • Data Mining • Decision Support Systems • Bioinformatics • Innovation Management • Digital Transformation • Data Analytics • Creativity • Artificial Intelligence •

Book Section / Chapter
Working Paper / Technical Report
Publications Prior to SU

K. Kilic, B. A. Sproule, I. B. Turksen, and C. A. Naranjo, “Fuzzy system modeling in pharmacology: An improved algorithm”, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, vol.130, p.p. 253-264 (2002) B. A. Sproule, K. Kilic. C. A. Naranjo, and I. B. Turksen, “Exploring fuzzy logic pharmacokinetic modeling: Alprazolam experiment”, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, vol.67, p.p. 160 [Abstract] (2000) M. S. Akturk and K. Kilic, “Generating short term observation schedules for space mission projects” Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, vol.10, p.p.1-18, (1999)