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Mehmet Ali Alpar Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Emeritus Faculty Member (216) 483 9510 alialparsabanciunivedu

Emeritus Faculty Member


B.Sc. in Physics, Middle East Technical University (METU), 1972; Ph.D. in Physics, Cambridge University (England), 1977.

Areas of Interest

Neutron Stars. Pulsars. X-ray binaries. Fallback disks.


The Science Academy - Turkey (2011- , President) Türkiye Bilimler Akademisi (1993- resigned: 2011) Academia Europaea American Philosophical Society Türk Astronomi Derneği European Astronomical Society

Book Section / Chapter
Publications Prior to SU


1."Lifetime Effect on the Superfluidity in Neutron Stars"

  Naoki Itoh & M. A. Alpar,  J. Phys. A7, 1970 (1974).

2."Positively Charged Isospin Wave Softening & Proton Lattice in Neutron Stars"

  P.W. Anderson, N.Itoh, M.A.Alpar, E.Tosatti, & R.G.Palmer, Lett. Nuovo Cimento  12 , ser.2., 165 (1975).

3."Pinning and Threading of Quantized Vortices in the Pulsar Crust Superfluid"

  M.Ali Alpar, Ap.J. 213, 527 (1977).

4."Relaxation of Rotating He II Following  a Spin-up of Its Container:

  A Superfluid Ekman Time?" M. Ali Alpar, J. Low Temp. Phys. 31, 803 (1978).

5."Modulation of Short-period Oscillations and Colour Asymmetry in Pulsed

  Emission Lines: A Structural Interpretation of Recent Observations of DQ Her"

  M. Ali Alpar, M.N.R.A.S.189, 305 (1979).

6."Pinned Vorticity in Rotating Superfluids with Application to Neutron Stars"

  D.Pines, J.Shaham, M.Ali Alpar & P.W. Anderson,

  Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement 69, 376 (1981).

7."Giant Glitches and Pinned Vorticity in the Vela and Other Pulsars"

  M. Ali Alpar, P.W. Anderson, D. Pines & J. Shaham,

  Ap. J. Letters, 249, L29 (1981).

8."Glitches and Pinned Vorticity in the Crab Pulsar"

  M. Ali Alpar, P.W. Anderson, D. Pines & J. Shaham,

  Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 78, 5299 (1981).

9."The Rheology of Neutron Stars: Vortex Line Pinning in the Crust Superfluid"

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10."A New Class of Radio Pulsars"

  M.Ali Alpar, A.F. Cheng, M.A.Ruderman & J. Shaham, Nature 300, 728, (1982).


11."Expectancy of Large Pulsar Glitches"

  M.Ali Alpar & Cheng Ho, M.N.R.A.S. 204, 655 (1983).


12."Vortex Creep and the Internal Temperature of Neutron Stars:

  I. General Theory" M.A.Alpar,P.W.Anderson,D.Pines & J.Shaham,

  Ap. J. 276,325(1984).

13."Vortex Creep and the Internal Temperature of Neutron Stars:

  II.The Vela Pulsar" M.A.Alpar,P.W.Anderson,D.Pines & J.Shaham,

  Ap.J. 278,791(1984).


14."Rapid Postglitch Spin-up of the Superfluid Core in Pulsars"

  M.A.Alpar, S.A.Langer & J.A.Sauls, Astrophysical Journal, 282, 533 (1984).


15."Vortex Creep and the Internal Temperature of Neutron Stars:

  The Crab Pulsar and PSR0525+21"

  M.A.Alpar,R.Nandkumar & D.Pines,Ap.J.,288,191(1985).

16."Gravitational Radiation from a Solid Crust Neutron Star"

  M.Ali Alpar  & David Pines, Nature, 314, 334 (1985).


17."Separable Solutions for a Rotating Superfluid-Normal Fluid System"

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18."Superfluidity in Neutron Stars"

  David Pines & M.Ali Alpar, Nature, 316, 27 (1985).


20."Is GX 5-1 a Millisecond Pulsar?"

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21."Quasiperiodic Oscillations in Bright Galactic-bulge X-ray Sources"

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22."Vortex Creep and the Internal Temperature of Neutron Stars:

  Timing Noise in Pulsars" M.Ali Alpar, Radha Nandkumar & David Pines,

  Ap. J. 311, 197 (1986) .

23."Model QPO Power Spectra: Signatures of Angular Position and Radial Velocity   of Clumps in the Boundary Layer"

  M.Ali Alpar, M.N.R.A.S. 223,469 (1986).

24."A Search for X-ray Emission from a Nearby Pulsar : PSR 1929+10" .

  M.A.Alpar, W.Brinkmann, U.Kiziloglu,H.Ogelman & D.Pines,A&A,177,101 (1987).

25."Comment on Strange Stars" M.A.Alpar, Phys. Rev. Lett., 58,2152 (1987).

26."Neutron Star Precession and the Dynamics of the Superfluid Interior"

  M.Ali Alpar & H.Ogelman, Astronomy & Astrophysics 185, 196 (1987).

27."On the Dynamical Coupling between the Superfluid Interior

  and the Crust of a Neutron Star" M.A.Alpar & J.A.Sauls,

  Ap.J. 327, 723 (1988).

28."The Large Glitch from PSR 0355+54 and its Postglitch Relaxation"

  M.A.Alpar, K.S.Cheng, D.Pines & J.Shaham, M.N.R.A.S. 233, 25 (1988).

29."Spontaneous Superfluid Unpinning and the Inhomogeneous Distribution of

  Vortex Lines in Neutron Stars" K.S. Cheng, M.A. Alpar, D. Pines & J. Shaham,

  Ap.J. 330, 835  (1988).

30."The Remnant's Rapid Heartbeat" M.A.Alpar, I.Fushiki, F.K.Lamb, G.S.Miller,

  M.-G. Park & D. Pines, Nature 338, 295 (1989).

31."Vortex Creep and the Internal Temperature of Neutron Stars:

  Linear and Nonlinear Response to a Glitch" M.A. Alpar, K.S. Cheng & D.Pines,

  Ap.J. 346, 823 (1989).

32."Spin-up of Young Pulsars due to Rapid Cooling by Neutrino Emission"

  M.Ali Alpar & Hakki B. Ogelman, Ap.J. Letters 349, L55 (1990).

33."On the Fast Recovery of the Vela Pulsar from its Christmas 1988 Glitch",

  M.A.Alpar, K.S. Cheng and D.Pines, Nature 348 ,707 (1990).

34."A Shot Noise Model for a Two Component  Neutron Star"

  A.Baykal, M.A.Alpar and U.Kiziloglu, Astronomy & Astrophysics 185, 196 (1991).


35."6 Hz QPOs from Low Mass X-ray Binaries: the Sound of an Accretion Disk?"

  M.A.Alpar, G.Hasinger, J.Shaham and S.Yancopoulos,

  Astronomy & Astrophysics 257, 627 (1992).


36."Postglitch Relaxation of the Vela Pulsar after its First Eight Glitches:

  A Re-evaluation with the Vortex Creep Model"

  M.A.Alpar, H.F.Chau, K.S.Cheng and D.Pines, Ap. J. 409,345 (1993).

37."Implications of the Crustal Moment of Inertia for

  Neutron Star Equations of State", B.Datta and M.A.Alpar,

  Astronomy and Astrophysics 275, 210 (1993).

38."Is Geminga a Glitching Pulsar?" M.A.Alpar, H.Ogelman and J.Shaham,

  Astronomy and Astrophysics 273, L35 (1993).

39."Postglitch Relaxation of the Crab Pulsar:

  Evidence for Crust Cracking" M.A.Alpar, H.F.Chau, K.S.Cheng and D.Pines,

  Ap. J. Letters 427, L29 (1994).

40."Expectancy of Large Pulsar Glitches: A Comparison of Models with

  the Observed Glitch Sample" M.Ali Alpar and Altan Baykal,

  M.N.R.A.S. 269,849(1994).

41."On the Distribution and Evolution of Pulsars",

  M.A.Alpar, F.Gok, O.Huseyinov and U.Kiziloglu,

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42."A Search for X-Rays from Five Pulsars: PSR's 0740-28, 1737-30,

 1822-09, 1915+13 and 1916+14"

 M.A.Alpar,O.H.Guseinov, U.Kiziloglu and H.Ogelman

 Astronomy and Astrophysics, 297, 470 (1995).

43."X-ray Variability and 1mHz Oscillations in TT Arietis"

 A.Baykal,A.Esendemir,U.Kiziloglu,M.A.Alpar,H.Ogelman,N.Ercan and G.Ikis

 Astronomy and Astrophysics, 299, 421 (1995).

44."Postglitch Relaxation of the Crab Pulsar After its Four Major

Glitches: The Combined Effects of Crust Cracking, Formation of Vortex

Depletion Regions and Vortex Creep"

 M.A.Alpar, H.F.Chau, K.S.Cheng and D.Pines

 Ap.J. 459, 706 (1996).

45. "On Pulsar Velocities and Pulsar Supernova Remnant Associations"

 A.O. Allakhverdiev, M.A. Alpar, F. Gok and O.H. Guseinov

 Turkish J. of Phys., 21, 688 (1997).

46. "AB Dor: an Almost Single Star with RS CVn-like Activity in the

 X-ray Band", M. Alev, M.A.Alpar, A. Esendemir, U. Kiziloglu,

 Astrophysics and Space Sci., 245, 15 (1996).


47. "Modelling of Quasi Periodic Oscillations with Wave Packets"

 M.A. Alpar and A. Yilmaz, New Astronomy, 2, 225 (1997).


48. "On the Outburst Light Curves of Soft X-Ray Transients as Response

 of the Accretion Disk to Mass Deposition", Ü. Ertan and M. A. Alpar,

 Astronomy and Astrophysics  336, 220 (1998).


49. "Planetary Nebulae in Open Clusters and the Mass Boundary Between

the Progenitors of White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars"

 A.O. Allakhverdiev, M.A. Alpar, O.H. Guseinov and E. Tuncer

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50. "The Timing Noise of PSR 0823+26, 1706-16, 1749-28, 2021+51 and the

Anomalous Braking Indices"

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51. "ROSAT Observations of the Vela Pulsar"

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52. "Post-glitch RXTE-PCA Observations of the Vea Pulsar"

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Ap.J. 702, 1309 (2009).




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