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Levent ÖztürkFaculty of Engineering and Natural SciencesFaculty Member(216) 483

Faculty Member


PhD (2001) in Plant Nutrition and Physiology, Cukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture, Turkey.

Areas of Interest

plant biology, plant physiology, plant nutrition, agriculture, food security, nutrition security, biofortification, climate change, agronomy, crop science

Book Section / Chapter
Publications Prior to SU

Ozturk, L., Karanlik, S., Ozkutlu, F., Cakmak, I., Kochian, L.V. 2003. Shoot biomass and zinc/cadmium uptake for hyperaccumulator and non-accumulator Thlaspi species in response to growth on a zinc-deficient calcareous soil. Plant Science 164, 1095-1101. Ozturk, L., Eker, S., Ozkutlu, F., Cakmak, I. 2003. Effect of Cadmium on Growth and Concentration of Cadmium, Ascorbic Acid and Sulphydryl Groups in Durum Wheat Cultivars. Turk. J. Agric. For. 27, 161-168. *Hacisalihoglu, G., *Ozturk, L., Cakmak, I., Welch, R., M., Kochian, L., V. 2004. Genotypic Variation in Common Bean in Response to Zinc Deficiency in Calcarous Soil. Plant and Soil 259, 71-83 (*: These authors contributed equally to this work as first co-authors). Ozturk L, Eker S, Torun B, Cakmak I. 2005. Variation in phosphorus efficiency among 73 bread and durum wheat genotypes grown in a phosphorus-deficient calcareous soil. Plant and Soil 269, 69-80. Babourina O, Ozturk L, Cakmak I, Rengel Z. 2006. Reactive oxygen species production in wheat roots is not linked with changes in H+ fluxes during acidic and aluminium stresses. Plant Signaling and Behavior 1, 70-75.