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Güllü Kızıltaş ŞendurFaculty of Engineering and Natural SciencesFaculty Member(216) 483 9584gullukiziltassabanciunivedu

Faculty Member


University of Michigan,Ann Arbor, MI, USA, Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering (August 2003) Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (1995, 1998)

Areas of Interest

Design Optimization (Domain specific optimal design of mechanical, biomedical and electromagnetic systems, optimal design of complex/new technology products, Multidisciplinary design optimization) Material Design and Fabrication (Topology optimization, Homogenization theory, Advanced 3D fabrication (Solid Free Form Fabrication, Micro Fabrication by Co-Extrusion, etc.) Computational Mechanics (advanced micro-material modeling, Finite Element Methods (FEM)) Electromagnetics (FEM, miniature multifunctional antennas, filters, passive components, arrays)



Book Section / Chapter
Working Paper / Technical Report
Publications Prior to SU

Zhou, Y., Koulouridis, S., Kiziltas G., .Volakis, J.L. (2006) A Novel 1.5” Quadruple Antenna for Tri-Band GPS Applications. AWPL 5, Nr: 1, 224-227.

Volakis, J. L., Mumcu, G., Sertel, K., Chen, C.-C., Lee, M., Kramer, B., Psychoudakis, D., Kiziltas, G. (2006) Antenna Miniaturization using Magnetic Photonic and Degenerate Band Edge Crystals. IEEE AP Magazine 48, 5, 12-28.

Koh, Y., Halloran, J. W., Kiziltas, G., Psychoudakis, D., Volakis, J.L. (2005) Thermoplastic Green Machining for Textured Dielectric Substrate for Broadband Miniature Antenna. J. of Am. Cer. Soc. 88, 2, 297-302.

Kiziltas, G., Volakis, J.L., Kikuchi, N. (2005) Design of a frequency selective structure with inhomogeneous substrates as a thermo-photovoltaic filter. IEEE Trans. on AP, 53, 7, 2282-2289.

Kiziltas, G., Kikuchi, N., Volakis, J.L., Halloran, J. (2004) Dielectric material optimization for electromagnetic applications using SIMP. Archives of Comp. Methods in Eng. 11, 4, 2004, 355-388.

Kiziltas, G., Psychoudakis D., Volakis, J. L., Kikuchi, N. (2003) Topology design optimization of dielectric substrates for bandwidth improvement of a patch antenna. IEEE Trans. on AP 51, 10, 2732 – 2743.

35 Refereed Conference Papers