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Özge Akbulut Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty Member (216) 483 9968 ozgeakbulutsabanciunivedu

Faculty Member


Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering, MIT (2010)

 B.S. in Materials Science and    Engineering, Sabanci University (2004)

Areas of Interest

silicone-based composite models, surgical models, colloid and dispersant science, rheology, cement


Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine

Publications Prior to SU

1) Gungel, H., Menceloglu, Y., Yildiz, B. and Akbulut, O. “Fourier transform infrared and 1h nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic findings of silicone oil removed from eyes and the relationship of emulsification with retinotomy and glaucoma”, Retina 25, 332–338 (2005). 2) Akbulut, O., Taniguchi, I., Kumar, S., Shao-Horn, Y. and Mayes, A.M. “Conductivity hysteresis in polymer electrolytes incorporating poly(tetrahydrofuran)”, Electrochimica Acta 52, 1983–1989 (2007). 3) Akbulut, O., Jung, J.-M., Bennett, R.D., Hu, Y., Jung, H.-T. Cohen, R.E., Mayes, A.M. and Stellacci, F. “Application of supramolecular nanostamping to the replication of DNA nanoarrays”, Nano Letters 7, 3493–3498 (2007). 4) Liu, X., Yuan, J., Akbulut, O., Hu, J., Suib, S.L., Kong, J. and Stellacci, F. “Superwetting nanowire membranes for selective absorption”, Nature Nanotechnology 3, 332–336 (2008). 5) Laromaine, A.*, Akbulut, O.*, Stellacci, F. and Stevens, M. M. “Supramolecular replication of peptide and DNA patterned arrays”, Journal of Materials Chemistry 20, 68–70 (2010). (*: equal contribution; this article was featured in the cover of the journal) 6) Akbulut, O., Yu, A. A. and Stellacci F. “abrication of biomolecular devices via contact-based methods”, Chemical Society Reviews 39, 30–37 (2010). 7) Nie, Z., Deiss, F., Liu, X., Akbulut, O. and Whitesides, G. M. “Integration of paper-based microfluidic device with commercial elecrochemical readers”, Lab on a Chip 10, 3163–3169 (2010). 8) Mace, C. R., Akbulut, O., Kumar, A. A., Shapiro, N. D., Derda, R., Patton, M. R. and Whitesides, G. M. “Aqueous multiphase systems of polymers and surfactants provide self-assembling gradients in density”, Journal of American Chemical Society 134, 9094–9097 (2012). 9) Akbulut, O., Mace, C. R., Martinez, R. V., Kumar, A. A., Nie, Z., Patton, M. R. and Whitesides, G. M. “Separation of nanoparticles in aqueous multiphase systems through centrifugation”, Nano Letters 12, 4060–4064 (2012). 10)Akhlaghi, O., Akbulut, O., and Menceloglu, Y. Z. “Extensional rheology and stability behavior of alumina suspensions in the presence of AMPS-modified poly(carboxylate ether)-based copolymers”, Colloid and Polymer Science, 293, 2867–2876 (2015). 11) Akhlaghi, O., Akbulut, O., and Menceloglu, Y. Z. “Shear and extensional rheological characterization of poly(acrylonitrile)/halloysite nanocomposite solutions”, European Polymer Journal, 73, 17–25 (2015). 12) Budak, E. P., Zirhli, O., Stokes, A. A., and Akbulut, O. The Breathing Wall (BRALL)—Triggering Life in(animate) Surfaces. Leonardo Transactions, accepted for publication (2015). 13) Avci, G., Akhlaghi, O., Ustbas, B., Ozbay, C., Menceloglu, Y. Z. and Akbulut,O. Ceramics International, in press (2015). 14) Guven, Z. P., Ustbas, B., Harkness, K. M., Coskun, H., Joshi, C. P., Besong, T. M. D, Stellacci, F., Bakr, O. M., and Akbulut, O. “Synthesis and characterization of mixed ligand chiralnanoclusters”, Dalton Transactions, under review (2015).


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