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Nurdagül Anbar Meidl Faculty Member
(216) 483 9517

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Areas of Interest

Function Fields and Algebraic Curves over Finite Fields: Rational points of curves, automorphisms, towers of function fields and their asymptotic properties, Drinfeld modular curves;

Coding Theory: Algebraic Geometry Codes;

Finite Galois Geometry and Cryptographically significant functions (particularly quadratic functions, their nonlinearity distribution) their applications to Coding Theory and their interaction with Algebraic Curves over Finite Fields;

Boolean functions and functions from F_{p^n} to F_p: Functions with high nonlinearity, Bent functions (and their connections to coding theory, cryptography, finite geometry, difference sets), (Modified) Planar functions, Almost Perfect Nonlinear functions;

Permutations: (Vectorial) Permutations over finite fields.


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