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Süha Orhun Mutluergil Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty Member (216) 568 7040 suhamutluergilsabanciunivedu

Faculty Member

Areas of Interest

software verification and validation, concurrency theory, linearizability, deductive verification, developing testing methods with provable guarantees, proposing reasoning mechanisms for shared-memory and distributed concurrent programs focusing on block-chain platforms

Publications Prior to SU

Berk ÇirisciConstantin EneaAzadeh FarzanSuha Orhun Mutluergil: Root Causing Linearizability Violations. CAV (1) 2020350-375

Bernhard KraglConstantin EneaThomas A. HenzingerSuha Orhun MutluergilShaz Qadeer: Inductive sequentialization of asynchronous programs. PLDI 2020227-242

Suha Orhun MutluergilSerdar Tasiran: A mechanized refinement proof of the Chase-Lev deque using a proof system. Computing 101(1)59-74 (2019)

Chao Wang, Constantin EneaSuha Orhun MutluergilGustavo Petri: Replication-aware linearizability. PLDI 2019980-993

  • Suha Orhun MutluergilSerdar Tasiran: A Mechanized Refinement Proof of the Chase-Lev Deque Using a Proof System. NETYS 2016280-294  

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